Ellie the Elephant – My Fear, and Shame (Part 1)

There's No Health Without Mental Health. Care for your mind. Care for You. dmcmom Less than a month ago, I had a strong desire & a plan to end my life. A glimmer of hope and spec of energy to fight, however, (among other reasons I may or may not explore) inhibited me from doing … Continue reading Ellie the Elephant – My Fear, and Shame (Part 1)

How to help Someone with Mental Illness

This is extremely well written and I come from the point of view of both the nurturing caretaker and the one in crisis. Thank you so much for this 🙂

The Psych Talk

Learn about their diagnosis.

Every mental illness is different so every person needs a different approach. It can be very affirming when your loved ones take the time to learn about your diagnosis and the way in which it effects you. Having a better understanding of your loved one will help you make sense of their behaviours and allow you to approach them sensitively.

Be there for them and listen to them.

The most important thing a person with a mental illness needs is someone to listen to them without judging. Sometimes all it takes is your presence. Check in on your friends and family regularly and spend time with them when you can. It can make all the difference when you know there is someone there for you.

Have a plan for a crisis.

Mental illnesses can sometimes lead to dangerous situations such as suicide. It is important to…

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Source of Happiness

Today I had the pleasure of seeing an old friend of mine. She looked very bright and happy. The knowledge of her happiness, filled my heart with joy. I don't require much to be happy at my core. However, though simple, it's surprisingly rare and fleeting in today's society. But what does make me happy? … Continue reading Source of Happiness

Your Emotion is Your Energy

I agree with this blog post 100%. . . My story proves it’s validity through my experience. I wouldn’t be here today had it not been for reframing this negative thoughts to put to good use this energy within.

“The valence of the emotion is given by our mind so we can switch between positive and negative if we manage to change our perspective about that situation. Basically, our mind gives or takes our energy.”

Pointless Overthinking

your emotion is your energyDrawing by Adrian Serghie

   Each action we make involves some energy, but where is all that energy coming from? You surely noticed that we feel more energized when we do certain actions compared with others even though no additional energy came in.

   It seems that whenever we like something, we somehow find more energy to invest in that something compared to when we don’t like it. In my opinion, this energy comes from the emotion we feel regarding that thing. When we like what we do, we tend to use our energy towards doing it and that action itself creates more positive feelings, which will create more energy. As Tom Bilyeu says: “Find the thing that gives you more energy that it takes.” This is related to the “likeability” degree, which determines the level of energy.

   Ok, negative feelings are feelings too so they also create energy…

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I feel like I’m going mad: is there something wrong with me?

Certain events and circumstances led me to this article… led me to the author with whom I was honored to have had the opportunity to meet and converse. I recently ‘lost it’ according to the census of my now ex-‘friends’ and societal standards. However, this and other articles, research, experiences, and personal reflection have prompted me to question what exactly ‘it’ is I had just lost?

Today, I have confirmed, without a doubt, that I did not in fact ‘lose’ anything. I did, conversely, find something: that is, my lid, cap, or ceiling of tolerance within. Raised to believe in the virtue of long-sufferance, this concept might have met its match with me. I discovered my tolerance capacity of some nauseating and/or abhorrent realities of this world/society in which we live. It was too high.

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Personal Development in Glasgow, Scotland

Renowned Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing once said “madness is a sane response to an insane world”.  We live in a world that promotes ideas of normality and abnormality and many of us are busy trying to figure out which category we fall into, adjusting our words, thoughts and behaviours in accordance with accepted norms, lest we be seen as ‘weird’, or lose credibility in some way.  This is, of course, all part and parcel of a ‘civilised’ society, and without common standards of conduct then our levels of cooperation would also soon delve into chaos.

Or, so it would appear….

In reality, in our efforts to ‘fit in’ many of us end up constricting ourselves within what we imagine is ‘normal’.  ‘Normality’ in this form becomes the straightjacket we make for ourselves.  We can end up stressed and sometimes tormented by experiences that are ‘inside’ us but which we suspect…

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You need to challenge yourself!

Very inspiring thoughts

Pointless Overthinking

Does burnout subdue empathyDrawing by Adrian Serghie

   When you think about your dreams, how important are they for you? What are you willing to make so you can make your dreams come through? What obstacles are between you and your ideal life? Would you like to overcome them? How are you going to do that?

   Life is not easy and it’s not meant to be easy. If it would be easy, we wouldn’t have emotions. In my opinion, the greatest satisfactions come from overcoming the biggest challenges. Whenever we encounter a challenge, we tend to run away if the outcome is not big enough. If what we want to accomplish is not important enough for us, we’ll tend to run away whenever we encounter a roadblock. Don’t get me wrong! A challenge isn’t pleasant. It never is because it causes anxiety. If it doesn’t cause that anxiety, then it’s not a…

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Ascension from my familiar ‘safe’ spaces

Lately, my dear friend, Roovie, has been encouraging me to stop and reflect, vs doing. As some might have figured out, I'm a doer; passionate; eager. . . Yesterday, I reopened a wound I have been healing from. I know I shouldn't have, but I did. I tried to get someone who rejected me to … Continue reading Ascension from my familiar ‘safe’ spaces

So I Drank WAAAYYY Too Much Red Bull!!… (like, an entire can)

… and I'm lovin' it so much getting done (: energizer bunny on Adderall ... Gotta release this effervescence kickboxing again... la musique ... ポカヨケ libre gotta take a break and crush that because i'm kruuushing IT … you can try ... as hard as you can … with all your might but you can't catch … Continue reading So I Drank WAAAYYY Too Much Red Bull!!… (like, an entire can)

Suicide Letter, Now What?

So I made the decision of LIFE two weeks ago. (My original suicide letter can be found by clicking here, or by going to the main page.) I've documented what I've been up to. Suicide or self harm is never the answer. I keep telling myself this despite my feelings. Because, the truth of the … Continue reading Suicide Letter, Now What?

🙃Tried the massage chair for the first time at my gym… 😬New addiction 😅?

So, I've had this gym membership for a little over three years I think. And of those three years, i.e. 36 months, I've only been to the gymnasium regularly about 5 of those months, or 13.89%. Last being in August of this year... And by regularly, I mean at least 3 times per week at … Continue reading 🙃Tried the massage chair for the first time at my gym… 😬New addiction 😅?

So… My Therapist Says I’m a Woman of Extremes

Yeah... ... you got that right. I refuse to re-read or edit my entries because i want this to be as authentic a diary as possible. and because i have an issue with perfectionism... whether or not my reasoning is sound... it is what it is and it is what i'm doing so, oh well … Continue reading So… My Therapist Says I’m a Woman of Extremes

What? Is this happiness? Is that a smile I see?

So my previous entries have broadcasted my self talk to the world. My voice of reason vs my irrational side... I'm pretty sure there's a side that's just like shut the heck up! I just want to not think 😅 and have my airhead moment in ☮️ peace ✌️ But today, I think reason won … Continue reading What? Is this happiness? Is that a smile I see?