You Are Not Alone

Know that you are not alone. There are people and resources out there to help.  Visit our new website for more information ​If you feel isolated, alone, or withdrawn, the hardest thing to do is to reach out to someone for help or just to chat. It goes against everything you are feeling at … Continue reading You Are Not Alone

YOU Can Change A Life, Follow on fb   You Can Change a Life. Follow It's Okay, a dmcmom early intervention initiative. Together, we can change lives; save lives ; Thank you all for your support, likes, and comments... Birthed from the pain and isolation of depression, hopelessness, and despair, the It's Okay Nonprofit Organizationis an early intervention suicide prevention initiative to educate and promote … Continue reading YOU Can Change A Life, Follow on fb

Source of Happiness

Today I had the pleasure of seeing an old friend of mine. She looked very bright and happy. The knowledge of her happiness, filled my heart with joy. I don't require much to be happy at my core. However, though simple, it's surprisingly rare and fleeting in today's society. But what does make me happy? … Continue reading Source of Happiness

Ascension from my familiar ‘safe’ spaces

Lately, my dear friend, Roovie, has been encouraging me to stop and reflect, vs doing. As some might have figured out, I'm a doer; passionate; eager. . . Yesterday, I reopened a wound I have been healing from. I know I shouldn't have, but I did. I tried to get someone who rejected me to … Continue reading Ascension from my familiar ‘safe’ spaces

Suicide Letter, Now What?

So I made the decision of LIFE two weeks ago. (My original suicide letter can be found by clicking here, or by going to the main page.) I've documented what I've been up to. Suicide or self harm is never the answer. I keep telling myself this despite my feelings. Because, the truth of the … Continue reading Suicide Letter, Now What?

What? Is this happiness? Is that a smile I see?

So my previous entries have broadcasted my self talk to the world. My voice of reason vs my irrational side... I'm pretty sure there's a side that's just like shut the heck up! I just want to not think 😅 and have my airhead moment in ☮️ peace ✌️ But today, I think reason won … Continue reading What? Is this happiness? Is that a smile I see?

Where Are You, Christmas? Yesterday, to be honest, I didn't anticipate today being all that great. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness. Thank you for taking care of me and always being there for me. You promised not to give me more than I can bear. I'm not sure if I should be honored, afraid, sad, or annoyed that you think I can bear so much. But You … Continue reading Where Are You, Christmas?

Dearest Redeemer…

Time: after breakfast, 12/16/2018... (Written during hospitalization from fear of self harm) Baruch Hashem YAHWEH   ...My King.   ...My Alpha and Omega Redeeming Savior ADONAI ... To YOU alone be the praise, honor, & glory. YOU alone are My mind, body, heart, and soul's Protector. Of course there is none like YOU. ... because … Continue reading Dearest Redeemer…