I Present Myself, Exhibit A… choose Joy (as much as you can)

I have concluded that the quality of my life - my meter or gage for my level of happiness, joy, sadness or despair - depends on what I choose to focus on and the environment I put myself or allow myself to be in. Sometimes I can do it on my own. But we were … Continue reading I Present Myself, Exhibit A… choose Joy (as much as you can)

Smile at… NO, Serve Fear a Right Hook, Jab, Uppercut, Kick

I have an extremely complicated relationship with fear. On one hand, I understand that Fear is sometimes a normal response in certain situations. I understand the purpose of fear, one of which is to protect me from danger. In that sense, and when considering that side of fear, I respect and appreciate it. It's kept … Continue reading Smile at… NO, Serve Fear a Right Hook, Jab, Uppercut, Kick

You Are Not Alone

Know that you are not alone. There are people and resources out there to help.  Visit our new website for more information okfl.org ​If you feel isolated, alone, or withdrawn, the hardest thing to do is to reach out to someone for help or just to chat. It goes against everything you are feeling at … Continue reading You Are Not Alone

Do you know?…

​... That you are an intricately designed work of art? ... That there is not, nor has been, nor ever will be another replica of you? ... That your brain, equipped with over 100 billion neurons, is the most complex,  irreplicable machine on planet earth ?

When Your Loved One is hurting…

Worried you won't know what to say when reaching out to a friend? That's ok, sometimes just being there can make a world of difference. Tag a friend who you'll be there to support when times get tough. The above material serves as valuable resource reproduced by the dmcmom organization, with permission from R U OK? … Continue reading When Your Loved One is hurting…

Thank You God, for the valley

It is in the valley where are my only hope for Redemption isn’t found anywhere else nor in/from anyone else but YOU.

Poka Yoke Faith

Thank you dear God for the valley. Thank you dear Lord for the storm. Thank you for the periods of sadness period of Darkness. Of questioning. You understand. Even if no one else does.

For its in the valley I make a complete fool of myself. It’s in the valley that I have nothing else or no one else I can reach out to. It is in the valley that my true friends are lifted up and those who truly don’t and never cared about me are exposed.

It is in the valley where are my only hope for Redemption isn’t you.

And it I time in the valley which proves that my outside of the valley periods are only because of you. Because no glory or fame should come to me, because I’m just a person, a vase, a glove, dust.

You are the only One worth living for.

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YOU Can Change A Life, Follow on fb

fb.me/OkToSpeakUp   You Can Change a Life. Follow It's Okay, a dmcmom early intervention initiative. Together, we can change lives; save lives ; Thank you all for your support, likes, and comments... Birthed from the pain and isolation of depression, hopelessness, and despair, the It's Okay Nonprofit Organizationis an early intervention suicide prevention initiative to educate and promote … Continue reading YOU Can Change A Life, Follow on fb

1 Month Since I Chose LIFE; To My Life Support, Thank you

On December 13th 2018, someone posted this on fb, it appeared on my feed - touched my heart... among the multiple match flick attempts to spark hope back into my life https://youtu.be/kMSDD619o7o .... then, https://youtu.be/CZAz4NCUPck But then, ... information on Robin and an email from fisp a couple days prior... https://youtu.be/Fm0isCG1aBM I have no idea … Continue reading 1 Month Since I Chose LIFE; To My Life Support, Thank you

Staying Safe from Suicidal Thoughts (Resource)

It’s been exactly one month since my darkest place… I encourage anyone else in a dark place to know that you can make it out… don’t give up hope.

I was introduced to the safety plan originally by my dear cousin, Diana. She encouraged me to make one after I got out of the hospital in December…


Hi everyone!

Today I would like to share a resource/website which was published a couple of weeks on how to stay safe (or keep someone safe) when you are someone you know is suffering from suicidal thoughts. I had a detailed look at it and would highly encourage it to share with your friends and family members and bookmark it.

More details about this resource:

The Staying Safe website is a potentially life-saving resource developed by 4 Mental Health, with invaluable with invaluable input from our Expert Reference Group of international academics, people with lived experience (including of surviving a suicide attempt, self-harm, supporting a friend or family member or bereavement by suicide), suicide prevention experts, mental health practitioners, general practitioners, policy makers, public health experts, sector experts, educationalists and concerned citizens.

StayingSafe.net offers compassion, kindness and easy ways to help keep people safer from thoughts of harm and suicide…

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