Today in therapy…

I addressed some painful things and realities I try to hide from. I am not okay. But I will be.

15 thoughts on “Today in therapy…

  1. Ummm… Here, just try this one on for size once. Or twice: “I really am very much okay — always have been, actually — it seems that not understanding that has been the main thing getting between me and my okayness! Aaaand… with the additional help of my therapist and all my new friends on WordPress, will be still MORE okay very soon!… Ooh!… I think I feel it happening a little right now!…”

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      1. We have such a special community here. Truly some of the finest understanding and support of the special needs, challenges and sensitivities of the creative spirit. Have you checked out Becky’s Mental Mess, or The Self Help Whisperer? Aria Bella Rises? Heavenletters? Go to the Reader and ask for ‘Empath.” You’ve got lots of the best kind of company here!

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  2. I love your admission. Being able to say, “I’m not okay” takes courage. Now you can address the steps it will take to be okay. I was there in my healing and PTSD not too long ago. I’m thankful for therapy and alternative treatments that helped me recover after many years struggling with it and reacting instead of responding to events.

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