I Present Myself, Exhibit A… choose Joy (as much as you can)

I have concluded that the quality of my life – my meter or gage for my level of happiness, joy, sadness or despair – depends on what I choose to focus on and the environment I put myself or allow myself to be in. Sometimes
I can do it on my own.

But we were not created to do life alone. Other times, I need other people in my life to help me. Other times I have to surround myself with positive and loving people – to serve as support, encouragement, or motivation.

I offer myself, exhibit A – to serve as proof that one can overcome the most challenging of setbacks. to serve as proof that you are enough. that you can accomplish your dreams.

I may not feel this way now, but my history of accomplishments and my intellectual knowledge and understanding of this fact, serves as proof.

You Can Do It.

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