No-one is Immune

I, dmcmom, am a Wife, Mother of three, Entrepreneur, MBA University Grad Honor Student on Scholarship, and abuse survivor. I say this about myself for one reason: Believe me when I say, no amount of money, intelligence, raw talent, or skill makes you immune to mental health issues.

Like many high-achieving people, Michael Phelps has dealt with mental health issues and thoughts of suicide. Michael turned his obstacles into opportunities and reached out for support. If you or someone you know might need some support, head to

Take the time to care for your mind today. Care for you. Because There’s No Health Without Mental Health. #EndTheStigma #BodyandMind #MindSpaDay

Take Care & Be Well, truly & complete;

[Some of the above material and image serve as valuable resource reproduced by It’s Okay, a dmcmom organization, with permission from R U OK? Limited (AUS);]

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