Your Emotion is Your Energy

I agree with this blog post 100%. . . My story proves it’s validity through my experience. I wouldn’t be here today had it not been for reframing this negative thoughts to put to good use this energy within.

“The valence of the emotion is given by our mind so we can switch between positive and negative if we manage to change our perspective about that situation. Basically, our mind gives or takes our energy.”

Pointless Overthinking

your emotion is your energyDrawing by Adrian Serghie

   Each action we make involves some energy, but where is all that energy coming from? You surely noticed that we feel more energized when we do certain actions compared with others even though no additional energy came in.

   It seems that whenever we like something, we somehow find more energy to invest in that something compared to when we don’t like it. In my opinion, this energy comes from the emotion we feel regarding that thing. When we like what we do, we tend to use our energy towards doing it and that action itself creates more positive feelings, which will create more energy. As Tom Bilyeu says: “Find the thing that gives you more energy that it takes.” This is related to the “likeability” degree, which determines the level of energy.

   Ok, negative feelings are feelings too so they also create energy…

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