I feel like I’m going mad: is there something wrong with me?

Certain events and circumstances led me to this article… led me to the author with whom I was honored to have had the opportunity to meet and converse. I recently ‘lost it’ according to the census of my now ex-‘friends’ and societal standards. However, this and other articles, research, experiences, and personal reflection have prompted me to question what exactly ‘it’ is I had just lost?

Today, I have confirmed, without a doubt, that I did not in fact ‘lose’ anything. I did, conversely, find something: that is, my lid, cap, or ceiling of tolerance within. Raised to believe in the virtue of long-sufferance, this concept might have met its match with me. I discovered my tolerance capacity of some nauseating and/or abhorrent realities of this world/society in which we live. It was too high.

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Personal Development in Glasgow, Scotland

Renowned Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing once said “madness is a sane response to an insane world”.  We live in a world that promotes ideas of normality and abnormality and many of us are busy trying to figure out which category we fall into, adjusting our words, thoughts and behaviours in accordance with accepted norms, lest we be seen as ‘weird’, or lose credibility in some way.  This is, of course, all part and parcel of a ‘civilised’ society, and without common standards of conduct then our levels of cooperation would also soon delve into chaos.

Or, so it would appear….

In reality, in our efforts to ‘fit in’ many of us end up constricting ourselves within what we imagine is ‘normal’.  ‘Normality’ in this form becomes the straightjacket we make for ourselves.  We can end up stressed and sometimes tormented by experiences that are ‘inside’ us but which we suspect…

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