You need to challenge yourself!

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Pointless Overthinking

Does burnout subdue empathyDrawing by Adrian Serghie

   When you think about your dreams, how important are they for you? What are you willing to make so you can make your dreams come through? What obstacles are between you and your ideal life? Would you like to overcome them? How are you going to do that?

   Life is not easy and it’s not meant to be easy. If it would be easy, we wouldn’t have emotions. In my opinion, the greatest satisfactions come from overcoming the biggest challenges. Whenever we encounter a challenge, we tend to run away if the outcome is not big enough. If what we want to accomplish is not important enough for us, we’ll tend to run away whenever we encounter a roadblock. Don’t get me wrong! A challenge isn’t pleasant. It never is because it causes anxiety. If it doesn’t cause that anxiety, then it’s not a…

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