So… My Therapist Says I’m a Woman of Extremes


… you got that right. I refuse to re-read or edit my entries because i want this to be as authentic a diary as possible. and because i have an issue with perfectionism… whether or not my reasoning is sound… it is what it is and it is what i’m doing so, oh well

I have obsessive tendencies… i need to know… not knowing drives me insane… err … insaner haha… okay. I’m the type of person that will not rest until the formulas equate, who refuses to stop before a job is done. I’m the type of person you do not (or do) want to have a love you… because i will totally serve you and care for you as a King (or Queen)…

I’m the type of person who takes the time to study the ph levels of various water samples… who try to get as much vitamins and minerals variety in when on my health binge phases (i’m on that now – feeling great)

I’m the type of person who will work out 2 hrs a day 6 days a week when i’m in that headspace… but also the type that will eat pizza and hot dogs for breakfast lunch and dinner when in that headspace

Fortunately, I’m also the type of person who never want to hurt or cause harm to anyone… because I believe we are all remarkable creations from the heavens, unique, beautiful, special … except myself for some reason sometimes i get so depressed i don’t want to live – go figure – depending on my headspace… but to get to that headspace i will have to think i’m causing harm to others (by being mean or making a mistake (very stupid misatakes that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things btw most times)… i cannot bear to see others hurt or sad or angry (because it reminds me of my own pain and i go into a trance of a scared little girl again desperate to ease others pain)… and tend to try to love their pain away… at my expense…

Fortunately I’m going to be getting therapy for this

Thank God 🙂

I wrote the following on my new page today: please join the movement and like us on facebook @OkayToNotBeOk.

We’re all remarkable…
Whether you know it or not. .. whether you accept it or not… it is what it is:
Your brain’s design is complex, sophisticated, irreplicable.

This 3 lb fatty organ has the capacity to generate approximately 23 watts of power when awake; requires 20% of our body’s total blood and oxygen produced (which is transported by 100,000 miles of blood vessels within the brain).

There are 100 billion neurons present in the brain.
In early pregnancy, the neurons develop at an alarming rate of 250,000 per minute.

Yeah, you’re flippin’ awesome. Your mind, exceptional.

Believe it. Accept it. Take Care of it.
There’s No Health Without Mental Health


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