Hi! (: How are You, really?

It was early 2005 when I immigrated to the States. I resided in the bustling County of Miami-Dade, South Florida; more specifically, the city of Hialeah. For those of you unfamiliar with the area, Hialeah is a place of vibrance. busy. beautiful. and basically 95% Spanish or Latino in my opinion from the looks of it (that’s the extent of my research…😒 please, no emails)

Most street signs are in Spanish. Almost everyone speaks Spanish (¡Only Spanish 😬 !). Talk about the perfect cocktail of culture shock dépaysement for any alien newcomer to America 😕 . That is, if that newcomer was as ignorant as I was with absolutely no point of reference besides Disney & TeenNick 😅 . Hands down, this was the greatest disparity between reality in that present moment and my young mind’s expectations.

Coming in a close second, though, was the South Florida greeting, “Hi, howya doin’ ?” This, unfortunately wasn’t a culture shock because of the phrase itself. But rather the meaning behind that phrase. Eventually, my naiveté needed give me a jolt of my new reality with a sharp bonk to the head. I had to learn the hard way what “Howya doin'” does not mean.


  1. How are you doing?
  2. How ya doin’?
  3. Refer to point #1 and/or 2

As we wrap up the holiday season, maybe consider the next time you ask that question. Do you really want to know? Really?

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2 thoughts on “Hi! (: How are You, really?

  1. The default answer here is “busy. You?”, & to throw that answer over your shoulder as both parties continue on their way.
    The challenge is to stop for an actual conversation to which “how’re you doing?” is the start rather than the end.

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