The Dark Side of the Bright Side

I’m remarkably good at looking at the Bright side. I’ve had to be. But what kept me alive as a child (let’s call it “Annie Syndrome” for now), that is, always looking forward to the hope that lies ahead; My fascination & borderline obsession with tomorrow… “Tomorrow will be or has the opportunity to be better” … always running away from today.

Mostly because my earlier today’s were so beyond abhorrent. I was just trying to get through it all. Always positive. Always hopeful. Always trapped in an incessant unforgivably cringeworthy state of the extreme repugnant. Rapt delirium. It isn’t that bad. Isn’t it? They didn’t mean to. Didn’t they? Everything is going to be okay. Is it?

Now, I’m able check out from the present to my version of the upside down… I’m able to respond to the rude, arrogant, or just plain distasteful with grace and encouragement or reassurance… Now I’m able to tolerate…

too much…

Or am I?… Can my heart, body, and mind continue to tolerate or encourage mistreatment?

I choose life, and the path thereof

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