Voice – Silent No More

(Written 12/15/2018 while inside the Hospital, Baker Acted for fear of self-harm)

I’m putting my diary out there for the world to see. To serve as a voice in the void of silence. For those also trapped and unheard.

This voice will not be consistent. Some days, I can guarantee will be sad. But there will also be days of hope. healing. curiosity. and wonder. Some days the voice will be of compassion and love. anger and hate. Sometimes the voice will be uncut. unfiltered. Sometimes paralyzed by fear, guilt, or condemnation.

But as long as I no longer hide the voice within the prison confines of isolation and shame, the flame behind that voice will not go out.

The aim most critical of dmcmom – removal of the duct tape from the voice’s bruised lips.

I will no longer silence her.

And I will not let her die;

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